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Earlier this year I published a tentative schedule for the 2014 releases with the promise that nothing would change unless change was absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, it has become necessary to alter the release dates for the remainder of the year. Due to unforeseen personal circumstances, my writing schedule has not remained consistent in recent weeks. I’m behind on both of my current projects and nowhere near where I’d hoped to be as I reach the deadline for editing. As of now, I’m only stating with certainty that I need more time with Breaking Ties. Howeverthis need for time has immediately interfered with my availability to work on A Little Beyond Hope. I’m hopeful that a few extra weeks will allow me the opportunity to tie up the Breaking series without rushing the process and to give A Little Beyond Hope the time and attention it deserves. As of now, I’m only pushing each release back for a month. Changes are reflected below:

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I apologize for the delay in the schedule. Obviously I’m hoping to get back on track. It would be nice to assume that all of these changes are unnecessary. This is mostly a precautionary measure so that I can get everything back in order. I’ll do my best to honor my original plans as the year progresses (but it’s still too soon to make any promises).  Better late than never, right? I’ll keep you updated as we move forward.

Thank you for your understanding, guys. I want to do this right…that means it can’t be rushed.

Oodles of love,sign



kicking off June!

Video Summary!

Thanks for all the amazing May vibes. The Breaking Walls debut was amazing (especially on iBooks!).

The Breaking series will end on August 19th with Breaking Ties. Lots of bittersweet feelings there.

We kick off the A Little Beyond series on August 31st. Nothing bitter about that!

I’m freaking-freaking-freaking out about RWA 2014 in San Antonio… in many great ways! I’ll be talking with the ladies of First Draught on a Google Hangout  about all things RWA on July 1st. Details to follow.

I’m looking for some summer reads (so get crackin’ on your reading list and let me know what’s good!).

breaking walls

photo (2)

I sobbed for three days after bringing Bagans home.

“I’ve made a horrible mistake,” I cried to my mother. “Joseph keeps tormenting her; she hides all the time. She’s never going to be happy here. How could I bring this innocent little kitty into our home? He won’t leave her alone! What was I thinking? Toddlers and cats just don’t mix.”

That, and she kept eating my headphones, my cell phone chargers, and my lunch. I couldn’t leave anything on the floor or table. Her curiosity was costing me a lot of money, sustenance, and energy.

“How could I be so stupid? I should have never brought her home,” I complained. Day after day, same ole story.

“Tracie,” Mom said. Her quiet tone irritated me.

I wanted to hear one thing: Tracie, you’re right. I wanted her to say that I had made a mistake. I yearned to hear the words ‘You tried, you failed, and it’s okay to give up.’ But she never said those words. Not once.

She just kept preaching to me every night, “all you need is time to adjust. Don’t make any rash decisions.  Give it time.”

 That’s the thing about my mom. She has the patience and understanding that I often lack in foreign situations. I’m a creature of habit; I don’t adapt well to change. It’s something I’m trying very hard to condition as I grow. I’m not the most patient person in the world. I sometimes drive myself crazy with what-if scenarios and silly assumptions. It all stems from that small part of me that still has yet to grow up. I’ve always had a hard time slowing down and taking each moment for what it’s really worth. I couldn’t see those first few days as an adjustment period. I assumed that nothing would ever change.

. . .

Here we are. Almost three months later, a happy family of three. Bagans hasn’t eaten anything off the menu in weeks. Joseph still torments the crap out of her, but she dishes it right back. She stands up for herself. She keeps her head up, her eyes wide open, and she fights back when she needs to.

It’s crazy, really. I never thought that the relationship between my son and a cat would teach me so much about myself. It’s teaching me to be more like my mother. I’m learning patience and understanding. I’m quickly learning that assumptions get us nowhere in life.

It’s a lesson in Breaking Walls.

Sometimes we need to take a pause. We need to stop long enough to see  and understand the things we don’t really want to see. We need to hear that it’s not always about being right, but being open to other possibilities and explanations. Sometimes we’re going to hear things we don’t want to hear.

And that’s okay.

So here’s a huge thanks to Mom, Bagans, and Joseph for inspiring so much of Breaking Walls. Now, let’s get down to business.

(1) RELEASE SCHEDULE | Good news! Release information has not changed. *throws confetti* We’re in for a busy/fun/exciting August! Here are all the details and dates you’ll need:

PicMonkey Collage2

PicMonkey Collage


(2)  PRE-ORDER INFORMATION | Breaking Walls and Breaking Ties are both available for pre-order exclusively on iBooks.

(3) RELEASE INFORMATION  | Are you guys getting tired of reading this yet? I know I post something of this nature as we gear up for each book release, but it’s becoming a necessary part of the process. Sorry. I need to explain this each time so that I don’t end up with hundreds of e-mails demanding explanations. So. Here goes:

I don’t expect any publishing hiccups from Smashwords or Apple. Their processes are the most dependable and predictable of all the retailers. As much as I love each platform, it’s fair for me to say that the others are always a bit of a guessing game. My first novella took four days to publish on Amazon and B&N. Just a Little Sequel published in twelve hours on Amazon and B&N, but it took three days to go live on Kobo. You never know.

Because I’m never sure what to expect in terms of those timelines, I have to hit the publish button early for some of the retailers. This means that it’s possible that some of you may have access to the book a couple of days before it’s scheduled to debut on the 27th.

Start watching the book page on/around the 25th for the publishing updates.

(4) BOOK PREVIEW| Now we’re getting to the good stuff. Here’s that long-awaited Breaking Walls preview. Soak it up. Take it in. Share your thoughts.

Breaking Walls – Preview

Can’t open the PDF?

Read it here!



kicking off April

You have my apologies for the lateness of this post. It’s been a constant back-and-forth battle with germs in our house lately…and the sickness is winning! Energy has been the one, major thing I’m lacking, so I’ve stayed away from writing, reading, and just about anything else that requires a great deal of focus and attention. No excuses, though. I abandoned you, and I’m sorry. Now, onward!

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 1.50.33 PM

I always know it’s going to be a great day when I open my e-mail to find messages from two of my favorite guys (both eager to share what’s going on over on iBooks!). You see that cool picture there? Yeah! That’s a new international merchandising promotion that Apple iBooks launched this week in the US, Australia and New Zealand. This promo spotlights free series starters, and I’m one of the many lucky Smashwords authors featured this week.

The New Girl will always hold a special place in my heart. It was the first manuscript I ever finished and published, and I’m so happy to see it featured this week on iBooks. If you’ve read it and enjoyed it, please spread the word to your friends! It’s free, free, free, and it never hurts to take a chance on a freebie, right? :) While you’re at it, check out some of the other free series starters (categories include Mysteries and Thrillers, Romance, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Teen Fiction). I already have my eye on a few of these freebies (and I plan to snatch them up as soon as we’re done here).





  • Breaking Walls is currently with the editor. Eek! Fingers crossed that at least half of the book is salvageable :)
  • I’m working on a  book synopsis to post on the blog. You’ll see that appear sometime this month. As always, I’ll post a link once the information goes up, but you can also keep an eye out if you’re anxious.
  • I’m super-excited about diving into the third and final manuscript in the series, but I’m trying not to get too deep into the first draft until I seen how things are going to shape up with the developmental edits this time around. All I can really tell you about book three is that it finally has a title. You’ll see a cover design for the final installment by month’s end (I hope!).



Have you heard? There’s more in store for Julie, Luke, and the rest of the Oakland gang. The Just a Little continuation, A Little Beyond, begins (and ends) this year. What’s the release schedule look like? Currently:


My goal is to have all three of these installments up for pre-order by the end of the month. Please keep a look out for updates!

A LITTLE CHRISTMAS MAGICThere have been some questions lately about the unavailability of the Christmas short story, A Little Christmas Magic. As this was a small freebie gift for my newsletter subscribers in December, it is not currently available for sale. However, it will be accessible soon, as it will serve as a lead-in to the next series. A Little Christmas Magic will be included at the beginning of the first A Little Beyond book (due August 31, 2014).


flourishUntitledSo many of you have helped celebrate my 25th birthday in the best possible way! Remember: 100% of the March & April paperback proceeds will go directly to charity. I’ve extended the ordering deadline through the end of April because there are still open orders. I have quite a few e-mails to respond to, books to ship, and royalties to collect before all the loose ends are tied up. I’m trying not to sign & ship while I’m sick. The last thing I want to do is ship my sick germs to any of you in a pretty, little box. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I’ll have the final total and details for you in the May post.


Last Tuesday I chatted with the ladies of First Draught. We talked about music and how it inspires the writing process. Like the sillies that we are, we decided to tackle this Google Hangout on April 1st, and it turned out to be a horrible Fool’s Day mess. We experienced about six billion technical difficulties, and I’m sure each of us said one or two things we shouldn’t have said on air. If you missed it, and you’re daring enough to watch, you can find our Music as Muse chat here:

Music as Muse


Alexis Anne is doing a Breaking Rules giveaway on her blog! If you want a chance to win an autographed copy of my debut novel, please stop by her website and check out the details:


I hope you’re all doing well :) I can’t wait to share more with you in the coming months!



the writing process

There’s a fun little blog hop happening right now, and I’ve been tagged by the lovely Lashell Collins to go next. We’re talking about the writing process–what we’re working on, how it’s different, why we write what we do, and how our processes work. Today I’m answering four basic (but not so simple) questions before I pass the torch to the incredibly talented Jess (J.C. Hannigan).

Breaking Walls_EbookI tackle one project at a time. Only one. Unlike a lot of my friends, I’m not organized enough to juggle multiple manuscripts. I’m certain that if I tried, my second-floor balcony would serve less as a viewing deck and more as a platform for leaping off of. The sad thing is that, only two floors up, I would survive the fall and have to go right back to work. So, for sanity’s sake, I stick to one and only one project at a time.

Where’s that leave me now? I’m fine-tuning the final scenes of my New Adult novel, Breaking Walls before it’s off to the editor on Tuesday. Sounds painless enough, right? It’s really not. My characters are fighting me. But what can I do? They’re in charge; I’m just following their lead.


Before I can jump in and answer this question, I have to address some things about the genre itself. Here’s the big kicker: I write New Adult, but I’m not a raving fan of it. As a writer, you hear it all the time: write only what you love, and that’s exactly what I do. I write the stories I want to tell, and they just happen to fall into this category. However, I do not  follow most of the New Adult trends.

Elizabeth Barone wrote an amazing article about the genre a few months back. Her post is called Why New Adult Sucks (and How We Can Fix It). In this article, she addresses how NA books so often lack character development and real-life scenarios, and she even makes a point to mention the one issue that rattles me every single time. She says, “when the emphasis is on sex and the main characters do nothing else, the point is lost.” I couldn’t agree more. But the game becomes especially difficult when you’re writing New Adult romance. And guess what? That’s the lounge I’m hanging out in.

I’m a huge fan of reading and writing emotionally-driven romance, so I vow to stay away from the sexy, physical trends of New Adult.

That’s what really sets my work apart from a lot of others in its genre. I’m not saying it’s a good thing, I’m not saying it’s bad. I’m just saying it’s different. Was that the question? (Scrolls up to check) Okay. Yes. Moving on!


I’m a hopeless romantic, plain and simple. I’ve made it my personal mission in life to play matchmaker to fictional characters!


I like to call my process “Sit down and write.”

What are the rules? Sit down and write. The end.

Unfortunately, I’m not in any kind of position where I can sit around and wait for inspiration. Sometimes I write first thing in the morning. Sometimes I write into the dark of night. I have a toddler, so I have to be as realistic as possible. I write when I can. All that matters is that I find time to sit down every day, put the words on paper, and tell the best possible story I can. There’s only one thing I know going into each day: I’ll put in my eight hours, and if I’m lucky, I might squeeze in a few more. A lot depends on how early I can pull myself out of bed or how late I can stay up. It’s really not an organized process, but it’s the only one that works for me.

The writing itself? I’m a pantser. I’d say that 95% of the time, I know about as much of the upcoming story line as my readers do. The one advantage I have over them, though, is that I always know all the character history, the background information, and the general beginning and end. It’s the stuff happening between Points A and B that I have to figure out as I go.

And you wanna hear the best part? When it comes to the writing process, there’s no ‘right’ way. The proof is at your fingertips:

Audra North

A L Parks

Alexandra Haughton

Petra Grayson

Jenne Hardt

Madi Merek

Rebecca Grace Allen

Amy Jo Cousins

Lore Ree

Julia Kelly

Alexis Anne

Mary Chris Escobar

Lashell Collins

Elizabeth Barone


And don’t forget to keep an eye out for the next post on the writing process.
Over to you Jess (J.C. Hannigan)!


a message to my hero

I write a lot. Every day I immerse myself into fictional worlds where young girls desperately search for the answers to life and love. Most of the time, the answers come in the form of a hero, a man who swoops in and sweeps her off her feet.

For Steph, it was Alexander Rivera.

For Julie, it was always Luke.

For Mandy, Gabe.

Ask Google and they’ll tell you that a hero is a ‘person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.’ Ask me, and I’d say that definition barely begins to scrape the surface. A hero isn’t always the person you fall in love with, or the person you’re destined to find. There’s more to it than that. I like to believe that we all have a hero, someone we love unconditionally and look up to, someone who’s impacted our lives in such a way that we are completely unfulfilled without them. To me, that person is undoubtedly my big brother.



The moment I came home from the hospital in March 1989, Andy became my best friend. He held my hand when I cried. He celebrated my successes. He taught me how to play the drums and guitar (neither of which he actually knew how to play for himself). From him I learned about the power of overcoming fear, and without him I would’ve never known the true magnitude of love and laughter. In the years growing up together, I learned more from my big brother than I ever learned from any other person.


Rewind to 1984, five years before I ever came onto the scene. Andrew Ross Puckett was born on March 19th at 7 lbs. 2 oz and 19″ long. The most remarkable thing my parents learned that day, however, was not they’d just welcomed any baby boy into the world, but that their little, pink bundle of joy had one remarkable qualityhe had an extra copy of chromosome 21, better known as Down syndrome.

With a genetic birth defect and multiple holes lining his heart, life was a struggle for Andy from the get-go. The doctors immediately swept him from the room, telling my parents that they were better off not to create a bond with a child so unlikely to develop. Andy, the doctors advised, should never go home.

My parents, the super heroes they were, couldn’t be swayed. He was their miracle baby, and he’d have no other home but the one they’d made for him out on Gath Road.

So along with the medical complications he was fated for a lifetime, he was also destined to face many academic, emotional, and social obstacles. The odds were against him to ever reach even the basic milestones. Walking and talking? Probably not. Reading and writing? Never.


But like my parents, Andy had something to prove. He set out to defy the odds… and he did just that. Not only did he eventually learn to walk and talk like all of the other kids his age, but he went on to excel in our local MRDD school system.


Andy’s high school career was one to brag about (and believe me, he bragged every day). As the star of the basketball team, his room was littered with trophies. As a 60-time Special Olympic medal winner, his name was in the local paper week after week. To this day, I’ve never met a more decorated athlete.

Andy graduated high school in 2006 at a fourth grade reading and writing level, and his math skills were up to par with that of a second grade student. Give him a calculator and he’s better at math than any of his sisters.

Those things, though, are not the things that make Andy so special to me.

The reason I can call this man my hero has nothing to do with an extra chromosome, a few (too many) trophies, and dozens of gold medals. It’s not even because he saved my life after I nearly drown at Long’s Retreat one summer. I call this man my hero because he doesn’t believe in limitations. In Andy’s eyes, there’s no such thing as ‘impossible.’


My brother is an amazing man who, when he loves, loves unconditionally. I am fortunate enough to have that gift of love. My 25 years have not been lived perfectly. I’ve made more than my share of mistakes along the way. But in spite of all of those mistakes and missteps, Andy has never given up on me, and he has never allowed me to give up on myself. He is my biggest fan and my most loyal supporter. I love him with every beat of my heart.


So today, on March, 19, 2014, I’d like to send one very clear message to my brother, my hero, and my best friend:

Thank you for the younger years…


…for all the fun….


… all the dates…


…and for all the smiles.

PicMonkey Collage

And even though we don’t always root for the same team (go Brewers!)…


I hope you know that I’ll always love you anyway :) 


kicking off March & my birthday wish


You know the drill by now, right? It’s the beginning of another month and time to sit back and listen as I rant about all things Tracie. This one’s an important one, so please try to hang in there until the end!

1904100_804075039619893_2033147421_n(1) Tomorrow night I’ll be hanging out online with some of my favorite authors (Julia Kelly, Alexis Anne, Mary Chris Escobar, and Lashell Collins) as we chat about the writing process. We’ll be discussing one of my favorite writing topics: plotters vs. pantsers. We’ll talk about both techniques, our individual approaches for writing our manuscripts, and… well, anything else that comes to mind as we’re live on air. Wanna see us in action?

We’re going live at 8:15pm EST on Tuesday, March 4. Grab a drink and join us!* at:

*If you’re one of my lovely underage readers (or simply teetotal (like me!)), you can take the Tracie-approach and reach for your Smart Water bottle (or your non-alcoholic beverage of choice) instead. Fun will be had by all, drinking or not!

UPDATE (03/07/2014): Did you miss the live event? You can still watch it here!



(2) I know that March Madness has nothing to do with the writing process, but the name is quite fitting for the way things are shaping up on my end. This is MY March Madness:

  • I’ll be wrapping up the first draft of Breaking Walls this month. The sheer thought of reaching the finish line on this first draft is so freakin’ exhilarating! It was a slow, slow start, but I finally hit my stride. I’m excited with the direction that things are going, and I can’t wait to share this next installment of the Breaking series with you.
  • I’ll hopefully have a cover for the final installment of the series up by month’s end, but I’ll be honest here: I haven’t even sent in the order yet. I’ve been caught between two different titles, and I’m sitting over here waiting on my ah-ha moment to finally strike, and
  • I’m FINALLY going to answer all of your questions and wrap up the “About Me” page that I started a million years ago.


IMG_4104(3) I went home this weekend to celebrate my 25th birthday! While I don’t turn a quarter-century old until this Thursday (only three more days, EEK!), I had to take advantage of the only opportunity I’ll have to blow out the candles, make my wish(es), and stuff my face with delicious cake! I’ll be spending my actual birthday weekend enjoying choo-choo train attractions with Joseph and packing meals for Hands Against Hunger.

Wondering what to get me for my birthday? Here’s an idea (you can’t go wrong!): Buy any one of my paperbacks this month (from March 1- March 31, 2014) and I’ll pay it forward and donate 100% of the proceeds to charity. Learn more here.

Untitled(4) We’re going go take a step back from March and rewind to February for a minute.

  • I posted a 2014 Release Schedule a couple weeks ago, but here it is again in case you missed it:


This list will remain posted on the FAQ page all year, but please be advised that the listed dates are subject to change. Alterations to the schedule should only occur in extreme or emergency situations. Please click here if you’d like to read the previous post in its entirety.

Untitled(5) My family grew a little larger last month! On Thursday, February 20th, Joseph and I brought home a beautiful eight-week-old tabby cat. Her name is Bagans, named after Zak Bagans, one of the paranormal investigators on my favorite Travel Channel series, Ghost Adventures. She’s a ball of energy, an unbelievably annoying bed hog, and has been a true blessing since the moment we brought her home. Trying to single-handedly manage a newborn kitten and an overbearing toddler has been quite an experience, but an experience I wouldn’t trade for the world. Our family, ladies and gents:

PicMonkey Collage


2014 Release Schedule


It feels like February has already come and gone. It’s been a particularly busy month already with the Breaking Rules release. I’ve been working tirelessly on getting the paperback copy of the novel in tip-top shape and constructing the first draft of Breaking Walls. I’m also getting the order ready for the third and final cover design for the series. I’d like to have that submitted to the designer by week’s end.

taqxThen, of course, it’s tax season. I’ve spent dozens of hours with my color-coded files, label maker, and printer. I’ve gone through about six cartridges of ink, two reams of paper, and enough caffeine to fuel most Ohioans for a lifetime.

So maybe it’s not so much a feeling that the month has come and gone, but maybe a feeling of sheer exhaustion with February and everything it’s entailed. I’m sleepy. I don’t want to look at another tax document, sales figure, or spreadsheet for the next six months. I’ll be over my tax-grumpiness in a day or two, so at least I have something to look forward to in the coming days!

Now. Let’s get down to the point of this whole post. There are a couple of things I want to cover now (because you probably won’t hear/see much of me until we kick off March in a couple of weeks).

  • Some of the pages on the site have been updated and no longer include the option for leaving comments (ex. the Just a Little page). The comment sections were getting far too long and out of control. I had difficulties maintaining so many pages. I’m trying to reduce the number of places for discussion here on the blog, but that doesn’t mean I’m doing away with it altogether. I’m brainstorming a way to get a discussion group/forum running somewhere here on the site, but don’t look for that any time soon. I’d love to have an organized way to communicate with you guys (and for you guys to communicate with one another). We’ll call this Operation Discussion Forum. It’s not top priority, but I’m planting a bug in your ear now for future reference.


  • The FAQ page has been updated and contains the 2014 Release Schedule. You can also find it here:


This list will remain posted on the FAQ page all year, but please be advised that the listed dates are subject to change. Alterations to the schedule should only occur in extreme or emergency situations.

Please note: Due to the high volume of e-mails I receive, I will no longer respond to any e-mails inquiring about future release dates. Please refer to the given chart here and on the FAQ page for future reference. 

  • A lot of you have been writing and asking about the availability of paperbacks. You can find the links to the Just a Little paperbacks on the series page. The Webster Grove series is currently being reformatted and is no longer available in print.


  • Speaking of paperbacks! I wanted to open up a discussion here about the Breaking books. I’d love to do a giveaway with autographed paperbacks, but I’m trying to decide how to tackle that project. Do you guys prefer waiting until the series is complete (and having an opportunity to win a giveaway that will include the whole series), or would you rather do individual giveaways for each of the three novels? Just askin’. Let me know whatcha think!


As always, I love you! Thank you guys for your patience this month!


moving forward

It’s drawing close to nighttime in Dayton, and it’s been a long, long, long day.

What’s happening on my end? Well, I haven’t been at my computer much, that’s for sure.

I’m not a huge fan of pushing and marketing books on release days. It’s just not my style. Honestly, I’d just rather sit back, ignore the internet, and let you guys do your thing. I’ve told you about the book. You already know it’s February 11th. You made up your mind (probably a long time ago) about whether or not you were going to buy it. To me, today isn’t about pushing Breaking Rules and hoping for a bunch of sales. It’s not about watching the ratings, rankings, or numbers (so I really wish my family would stop asking /calling/texting every hour to find out if there’s been a change. I love you, but you’re driving me crazy!).

Initially, it’s fun. It’s super-cool to watch the books drop at midnight and see where they debut. I take about 1,000 screenshots, smile proudly, and then it’s back to work.

Writing, writing, writing, and more writing. And then some editing. And then some more writing. Then formatting, publishing, release days, and more writing.

Right now I’m focused on three projects: (1) Breaking Walls, (2) putting the final touches on the 2014 release schedule, and (3) figuring out my game plan for the Just a Little spin-off series.

  • (1) Breaking Walls is coming along well. I’ve docked a few thousand words, recovered with a few thousand more, and now I’m finding my stride with this second part. First drafts are always the hardest part (for me, anyway). I’m happy with the direction it’s going.


  • (2) I’ve promised a release schedule as soon as possible, so I’m trying to nail down some tentative release dates. I’m still aiming to have this available to you by next week.


  • (3) I’ve managed the first 600 words for the follow-up to the Just a Little series. It’s fun, refreshing, and exciting to get a little glimpse of Julie again. Here’s what I know right now: I’ll be writing a new spin-off series (A Little Beyond) that focuses on life post-sequel. It will only span three parts, and then the story is DONE. Finished. Complete. I haven’t crossed all the t’s and dotted all the i’s, but I’m finalizing the most important details. Release date for the first part? Well, you’ll see that next week, I suppose. I’m still trying to figure it out.  :)


Now it’s time for a few seconds of emotional weakness.

I just want to say ‘thanks’ for all of the amazing things you guys do. Your comments, your e-mails, your overall enthusiasm… it’s overwhelming, but it’s perfect. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know my inbox is filling up with unanswered messages, and as soon as the sun comes up tomorrow, I’ll be back at the keyboard and answering those e-mails. In the meantime, all I really want to do is cuddle up with my little guy, watch some TV, and get a long night of sleep. Tomorrow is a new day and a new beginning of something amazing–more writing, more stories.

Thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to download and read Breaking Rules. I hope you guys are enjoying it. I certainly enjoyed writing it :) It was a nice change of pace.

I hope you’re all well :)

All my love,